The Program

The Reading Institute Reading Licensure Program is designed to provide teachers with:
• research-based instruction
• multisensory, systematic, explicit teaching methodologies for use in the specialized and general education settings

The coursework and reading practicum experience allows teachers to acquire working knowledge of:
• Language Structures
• Writing Instruction
• Language Development
• Reading Research
• Reading Comprehension Strategies
• Literacy Assessment
• Teaching and Learning with Technology
• Fluency Strategies
• Response to Intervention
• Differentiated Instruction
• Reading Coaching Strategies
• Vocabulary Development

Cohort Model
• Teachers travel through the program together
• Courses are taught in a sequence

Reading Specialist Licensure Requirements
• 7 courses
• Reading Practicum
• successfully complete The Reading Institute program
• Pass the Reading Specialist Test
• Pass the Communication and Literacy Test
• Possess at least an Initial Teaching license
• One year of teaching experience under the initial license

Reading Specialist Career Opportunities
• Reading/Literacy Coach
• Reading Specialist
• Administrator of Education-Related Programs
• Consultant to Schools on Reading/Literacy
• Teacher Trainer
• Private Practice

Degree Options

• Master’s Degree (M.S.Ed.)
• Education Specialist Degree (Ed.S.) - this is an advanced degree beyond a master’s degree


(courses are subject to change)

Reading 401
Language Essentials for Teachers Part I

Reading 602
Technology to Support Literacy

Reading 502
Application: Decoding and Syllabication Instruction

Reading 402
Language Essentials for Teachers Part ll

Reading 504
Application: Teaching of Writing

Reading 501
Assessment of Reading, Writing and Spelling

Reading 503
Application: Reading Comprehension Strategies

Reading 505
Reading Practicum