Degree Programs:

Simmons College Language and Literacy Degree Program

An innovative program designed to provide a Master of Science in Education (M.S.Ed.) or an Education Specialist (Ed.S.) degree — an advanced degree that provides students who currently hold a master's degree with an area of educational specialization. The program specializes in providing an educators the skills and strategies to meet the needs of learners with language-based challenges in the general education setting or specialized setting.


Licensure Programs:

Principal Licensure Program

The Reading Institute’s DESE approved Administrative Initial Licensure Program leading to Principal Licensure offers an innovative program for school leaders to improve student learning and sustain that improvement in grades PreK-12.

Reading Specialist Licensure Program

The goal of The Reading Institute Reading Specialist Licensure Program is to provide teachers with expertise grounded in the latest research on reading. In a time of increasing demand for expert reading specialists and an emphasis on scores on reading tests, The Reading Institute’s program provides teachers with the tools essential for teaching reading with success.


Leadership Program:

The Leadership Institute

The focus of The Leadership Institute is preparing aspiring principals and training current principals/ assistant principals to be effective leaders for schools. Student achievement requires successive years of effective teaching, and the principal is the best positioned person to ensure successive years of quality teaching for each child. Aspiring principals and principals/assistant principals will gain knowledge through coursework, field experiences and mentorship. The Leadership Institute’s goal is to ensure that aspiring principals and principals/assistant principals are equipped with the necessary tools for successfully implementing and monitoring curriculum, understanding their role as an instructional leader, managerial leader, ethical leader and how to involve parents, community and other stakeholders in their school’s vision.