Helping children learn by training teachers...

The Reading Institute (TRI) began as a mission by Janet Stratton, M.Ed. to help children learn by training teachers.  As the founder and president of TRI, Janet has worked for over 30 years in the field of education. She received her Masters in Reading and Language from Boston University in 1979 and her B.A. from Marymount College of Fordham University in 1972.

Prior to founding TRI, Janet was a classroom teacher and a reading specialist. In her role as reading specialist it became apparent to Janet that teachers had insufficient background in how to teach reading. Most teachers only had one or two courses in reading in their undergraduate programs. Even teachers with graduate degrees lacked the knowledge to teach reading. At that point, Janet decided to start TRI to train teachers in the area of literacy. For over 25 years, TRI has been committed to promoting evidence-based research and practices delivered by expert trainers to educate educators.

In addition to literacy, TRI trains teachers and administrators in the areas of Integrated Technology,  Assistive Technology, Assessment, Education Leadership, and Mathematics through workshops, courses, degrees, and licensure programs.

Accordingly, TRI has been an educational resource for teachers and administrators since 1991.

"This is the most comprehensive program that I have ever taken. Every educator should be fortunate enough to be taught so thoroughly." -Mary Scanlon, Special Educator